Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone so far who has entered their pet picures on fan page of Shaggy Chic for Mother's Day: The Face a Mother could love contest. Be sure to get yours in soon, got a late start so only about another 2 weeks.
Enter your favorite pet photo in the category "Baby Face: A face a mother could love." Go to my Shaggy Chic facebook page and post picture on fan photo page; if it is not working, email me at nancy@shaggychicpetz.com and I will post for you until I get it working correctly. Send pictures in up until Mother's Day. I will then have an independent panel of judges (random co-workers at the hospital) pick the winner, and the winner will receive $5 Barking Bucks good for merchandise in Shaggy Chic.

To get head start for the next contest, June will be Man's Best Friend: A Pet after Dad's Heart. So start thinking ahead and looking for pictures to fit that theme.

All creatures great and small welcome, dogs, cats, fish, horses, you name it! We want to see all those precious faces. There will be a new contest every month, so keep sending in those pictures.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And they call it Puppy Shrugs...

Woke up to snow on the porch today. I am not amused. I am FREEZING, sitting here in front of portable electric heater. Need to knit but hands are frozen. Bo (isn't is ALWAYS Bo) thinks it is kewl, and he is out front and won't come in, and I am not going to chase him, so when he gets cold enough he will come back and scratch on the door!

Okay, updates. Working on shrugs, shrugs, shrugs. I am smitten with shrugs! I have a couple orders finishing up right now and have to get sent out. I need to make one for each of the Chi Kids and then take them to dog park - once spring remembers how to get here! I am varying pattern, adding cables, using different stitches in body, going to start changing colors, add some flowers, maybe some pirates for boys. DID I MENTION I AM SMITTEN WITH THEM?

Of course, you can see all shrugs currently for sale at Shaggy Chic at my Etsy shop! New selling venue for Shaggy Chic is YeePet.com. Have a few things in there now, adding more daily. Look for Shaggy Chic items in varioius dog and cat categories.

This yellow shrug is a custom order with a plaited cable and garter stitch for the body of the shrug instead of stockinette stitch.

This lilac one is for the same customer. The cable is called X's and O's. Can you see the X O X pattern in the middle?

Here is the first one I made for the customer in raspberry with a cable across the back. I had to wake Bo up when I finished it to get him to model it. You can tell he was still asleep! Customer has a mini-beagle (?) and promised to send pictures, so I will post them when I get them. I can't wait!

I better get back to work. I also have orders from MarkIt Place to get to post office today. Check in tomorrow. I am going to pick an Etsy shop to feature, something new I will be doing for followers, so make sure to sign up!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Puppy Paws for Baby steps

Shaggy Chic will be walking for March of Dimes on March 27 with larger group from Sierra Vista Regional Health Center in Sierra Vista, AZ. Looking for a few good sponsors, and any local folks who want to join the Shaggy Crew and walk with us. I an going to try to convert a wagon and bring all the little ones and of course Tyler. The little ones can walk and ride as needed along the 3 mile course. Hope the weather is nice! I can guarantee (being Arizona) it will be windy. Check out my personal page at the March of Dimes/ShaggyChic and help out if you can, or sign up to walk with us.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppy Bowl VI

Well, I am watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet but have to get ready for work now. Working at the hospital 3:30 to midnight. Oh yeah, fun. Hope everyone is having a fun Super Bowl Sunday.

I am in love with the shrugs I am making. I have two in Shaggy Chic right now, in addition to the one that is reserved for a customer. Have a couple more not posted, one still on needles that I took to work with me last night, a co-worker saw it, and said "Mark that one as SOLD!" I have two shows coming up in the next two weekends to trying to get some things made for those. Will have to take lots of T-shirts and Fortunate Kitty toys.

Uh oh - I see it is 2:25 and I need to leave for work at 3:00 and I am still in my jammies! Better get moving.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bo update

Bo is doing a lot better. He was one sick little puppy. When we got him to the vet he was running a 105 degree temperature. They did blood work and x-rays, which were both fine, so did not know what was causing the temperature, but were very concerned about him becoming dehydrated which can be deadly in these little guys. They wanted to keep him in and give him IV hydration but he was so stressed whenever they separated him from me, they decided to let me take him home and try giving him oral Pedialyte for a few hours and see if he started to respond. So, we came home with him armed with antibiotics, Pedialyte and a pediatric medicine syringe, and my daughter and I took turns squirting a few ounces of fluids into his mouth at a time over the next few hours. Finally at about 7:oo p.m. we took his temperature and the fever had broken, and he has progressively been getting better since. I sat up with him all night watching him (kept up with fluids and taking temperature, fearing for febrile seizures) but he slept all night and did fine. Don't know what the cause of the fever was, but the amoxicillin and fluids seem to have taken care of it.

Now on to other things. My birthday is coming up. Oh, no, the birthday fairy has tracked me down again. I made a wish for my birthday, maybe you can help. Well, I make a lot of wishes, but since I am not going to turn into Penelope Cruz, this wish is a little more realistic.

Alrighty, need to get some new things in Shaggy, so will have some picture later today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up and Running

Been trying to get this going forever, waiting to get a pretty banner, but will wait forever for that, so will just go with this for now and get banner later. Just want to get SOMETHING out there today.

First have to say, got in my Mega Box from Sampler Village yesterday and one of the samples was from DoodyPops Dog Treats who sell on Etsy. My dogs went crazy for these treats! You have to check them out. Now, for the faint of heart, they look like... dog poop! In fact, I was calling them Doody Poops instead of Doody Pops, lol! But let me tell you, after I passed out the couple of treats to 3 of the 7 dogs, there was a rampage in the house, knocking over the garbage can, going after the baggie to see if there was a crumb left. I immediately ran to laptop and ordered a pound of poop! So here is my recommendation of the week - DoodyPops.etsy.com. You have to see them, plus the Shoe doody version!

My little Bo is under the weather today and I have to take to the vet later today. Not sure what is going on, but he is not himself, not playing, not the life of the party. He is usually the one being picked up and put in "time out" and he is just laying on the sofa looking at everyone else, and not even wanting to go out. Knowing Bo, he could have eaten an earring, a battery, or gotten into anything - I have seen him jump on my daughter's bed, then onto printer, then onto computer desk, then on to book case, then onto hamper, and then onto nightstand where cat food dish is to keep off the floor from the dogs.

Will let you know later after I get back from vet.