Thursday, March 11, 2010

And they call it Puppy Shrugs...

Woke up to snow on the porch today. I am not amused. I am FREEZING, sitting here in front of portable electric heater. Need to knit but hands are frozen. Bo (isn't is ALWAYS Bo) thinks it is kewl, and he is out front and won't come in, and I am not going to chase him, so when he gets cold enough he will come back and scratch on the door!

Okay, updates. Working on shrugs, shrugs, shrugs. I am smitten with shrugs! I have a couple orders finishing up right now and have to get sent out. I need to make one for each of the Chi Kids and then take them to dog park - once spring remembers how to get here! I am varying pattern, adding cables, using different stitches in body, going to start changing colors, add some flowers, maybe some pirates for boys. DID I MENTION I AM SMITTEN WITH THEM?

Of course, you can see all shrugs currently for sale at Shaggy Chic at my Etsy shop! New selling venue for Shaggy Chic is Have a few things in there now, adding more daily. Look for Shaggy Chic items in varioius dog and cat categories.

This yellow shrug is a custom order with a plaited cable and garter stitch for the body of the shrug instead of stockinette stitch.

This lilac one is for the same customer. The cable is called X's and O's. Can you see the X O X pattern in the middle?

Here is the first one I made for the customer in raspberry with a cable across the back. I had to wake Bo up when I finished it to get him to model it. You can tell he was still asleep! Customer has a mini-beagle (?) and promised to send pictures, so I will post them when I get them. I can't wait!

I better get back to work. I also have orders from MarkIt Place to get to post office today. Check in tomorrow. I am going to pick an Etsy shop to feature, something new I will be doing for followers, so make sure to sign up!!