Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bo update

Bo is doing a lot better. He was one sick little puppy. When we got him to the vet he was running a 105 degree temperature. They did blood work and x-rays, which were both fine, so did not know what was causing the temperature, but were very concerned about him becoming dehydrated which can be deadly in these little guys. They wanted to keep him in and give him IV hydration but he was so stressed whenever they separated him from me, they decided to let me take him home and try giving him oral Pedialyte for a few hours and see if he started to respond. So, we came home with him armed with antibiotics, Pedialyte and a pediatric medicine syringe, and my daughter and I took turns squirting a few ounces of fluids into his mouth at a time over the next few hours. Finally at about 7:oo p.m. we took his temperature and the fever had broken, and he has progressively been getting better since. I sat up with him all night watching him (kept up with fluids and taking temperature, fearing for febrile seizures) but he slept all night and did fine. Don't know what the cause of the fever was, but the amoxicillin and fluids seem to have taken care of it.

Now on to other things. My birthday is coming up. Oh, no, the birthday fairy has tracked me down again. I made a wish for my birthday, maybe you can help. Well, I make a lot of wishes, but since I am not going to turn into Penelope Cruz, this wish is a little more realistic.

Alrighty, need to get some new things in Shaggy, so will have some picture later today.

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